Proof of Concept (PoC)

Why a PoC

A  2016 study found that 87% of bankers say they plan to do something with chatbots within the next two years. That means over the next 2 years there will be a massive adoption of Bots in B2B, B2B2C and branding. This tilts the scale and most companies will adopt.

Chatbots in banking, insurance, telco, colleges, human resource and large corporations is a new concept. Most of the corporations are cautiously interested in understanding and making use of chatbots and artificial intelligence in their products. To keep the risk low and to vet your innovative concepts, we recommend to start with a well defined PoC (Proof of Concept)

PoC Deliverables

Chatbot Experience

A chatbot experience needs to be tailored to the organization and its most valuable assets: their people.

Target Audience

Question to ask is “Who is the end consumer of bot service and who needs to get higher degree of satisfaction?” Is it the external customers buying your products/services or internal customers facing sales force challenges? Or is it the managers of call centers looking for improving customer satisfaction and reducing cost? … We look at interactions to decide how the bots can measure and improve the CX (customer experience). A high level CX is the key reason why customers become brand ambassadors and exhibit higher degree of loyalty. It is the magnetic energy that makes businesses successful.


Cooldimi focuses on product specific relevant, narrow domains to improve accuracy and fast make training process quicker.

Human Intervention

Define and implement triggers for human intervention in consensus with potential Customer

Training the bot

All bots produced via Facebook, Microsoft , etc frameworks are raw. They need to be trained. The initial training is key. Many companies, like Facebook, employ a staff of full-time writers — called “artificial intelligence interaction designers” — for the initial training. Cooldimi does the same in simpler, efficient manner.

Bot monetization

Once we know the material depth of the bot and define the value propositions to add to the physical underlying roots of bot, we can have a pretty good idea of the Cooldimi potential monetization for a given customer


We encourage engagement and keep the cost at a minimum that will be explained in the SoW (Statement of Work)