About Us

Cooldimi is a stealth mode startup based in Silicon Valley. Cooldimi uses Artificial Intelligence and Chatbot frameworks to improve Customer Experience (CX). Cooldimi believes that Artificial Intelligence and machine learning enabled Chatbots will not be able to replace human intelligence in the near future. Cooldimi blends artificial intelligence with human intelligence to assist humans in improving overall customer experience. Cooldimi is focused on enabling Conversational Computing. 

As a result, Cooldimi's unique approach involves creating super intelligent bots by ...


Miha AhronovitzMiha has over twenty years experience in Cloud and Grid Computing, UX , market research and product development. He discovers needs that exceed significantly the potential revenues of already covered markets.  As  co-founder of Gridware,  acquired by Sun Microsystems,   he became  the product manager of  Sun Grid Engine, the leader in grid software worldwide. He was co-owner of the HPC meetup group in San Francisco. He did consulting work for Open Science Grid at University of Chicago, ISC (international Supercomputing Conference) and Ericsson as a marketing evangelist and blogger. His blog "The memories of a Product Manager " has 700,000 page views. His articles are on LinkedIn, Medium, Ericsson Cloud Blog, Quora and various publications like HPCwire. Miha is a graduate from Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) and UC Berkeley HaaS School of Business product management executive alumni.

Kuldip believes in and practices Customer Centric Product Designs. He believes that customer experience must not be an afterthought. A well designed product should require minimum customer support, and even before a customer calls in for support, the support team should be aware of the problem with an actionable insight.

As a CTO and Co-Founder of Cooldimi, Kuldip sees immense untapped opportunities in improving customer experience using artificial intelligence, digital assistants and chatbots. Kuldip defined a Cumulative Customer Happiness Score , a real time measure designed  to  improve customer experience. Prior to Cooldimi, Kuldip was head of Innovations at CloudCar where he used machine learning to build a digital assistant for connected cars, making a car to be the largest 'T' in the IoT. Before CloudCar, Kuldip was Senior Director, Media Innovation Lab at Samsung Research of America and held various positions at Yahoo! and Sun Microsystems. 

Kuldip holds 27 technical patents, with as many in pending state.